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Removal of Encroachment & Widening of Roads From Khuwaja Corporation Chowk to Askari XIV Rawalpindi

Water Supply Improvement

  • 2x new Tube wells have been connected with water supply system.
  • Work on water supply from Gorakhpur to Askari XIV has been started. About 10 Km line has been completed.
  • Efforts are in hand to make up shortfall before Ramadan. Project Cost Rs. 1 Billion.
  •  New Tube wells being developed in different places including Gorakhpur.
  •  Water divining carried out in different places.

Linking of Small Bores Sector C

  • Both Under Ground Water Tanks (50000 Gallons and 20000 Gallons) interconnected with with 2” pipe.
  • 1x new small bore 6” developed.
  • Old bores refreshed to acquire acceptable quantity of water
  • 7x Small bores linked with 2x Under Ground Water Tanks.

Linking of 50000 Under Ground Water Tank with 86 x Housing Units

  •  On Self Help basis existing Under Ground Water Tanks 50000 Gallons has been linked with 86x unit for provision of water
  •  Water Bowzer filling point has also been established for emergency. Last week
    of March 96x Water Bowzers were filled from the said point


Safety / Beautification / Upkeep of Colony

Fire Fighting

  • Fire points established at 3x locations
  • Auxiliary engine with pumping system of Fire Cracker made operational
  • New fire fighting purchased and organizational structure re-framed

Maintenance / Cleanliness and Sweeping

  • Sweeping of Colony commence at 0600 hrs
  •  Speed Breakers constructed at sensitive places
  • Street Lights modified to economize and conserve energy


  • 10000 plants procured & distributed to all colonies in Rawalpindi
  •  Comprehensive Tree plantation being executed
  •  Meadows have been dressed
  •  Trimming of Trees of colony
  •  Own Nursery developed, presently 4000 plants being nurtured
  • Flower pots placed near commercial markets



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